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Veterinary Services

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cat dentistry


Dental health is becoming one of the most important preventative steps you can take to ensure your cats live a long, happy and healthy life.

Here at Purrfurably Cats we offer a full dental examination and prophylaxis (cleaning).  Cats will rarely show pain but an infected, broken tooth and inflamed gums (gingivitis) can affect major organs of the body, affecting the quality and length of your cat’s life.  A thorough evaluation and cleaning can only be done under anesthesia.

We understand your concerns regarding anesthesia.  Every cat undergoing a dental procedure receives a pre-anesthetic exam, lab work to assess the liver and kidneys ability to metabolize the anesthetic, an anesthetist continually monitoring your cat during and after the dental cleaning.  Every patient receives an IV Catheter that allows fluids to be administered during the procedure to support blood pressure, hydration and body temperature.  We will ultrasonically scale any plaque off their teeth and look for abnormalities above and below the gum line.  We use one of the safest gas anesthesia on the market and also a reversible injectable pre-anesthetic drug. Your cat will be up and at ‘am within minutes following the dental procedure.

Digital Dental radiographs are taken whenever there is a suspicion of a problem tooth. Dental x-rays shorten the time that your cat will remain under anesthesia & help the doctor access the overall health of a tooth.

We are proactive in controlling the pain our patients may experience by giving a proactive pre and intra operative analgesic.

We will work with you to keep your furry friend smiling and healthy.

cat dental x-rays
cat dental radiographs
cat dental exams


cat surgery
Cat Surgery


At Purrfurably Cats our goal is to make your cat as comfortable as possible before, during and following any procedure.  When your cat arrives for surgery, one of our staff will check them in and get them set up in a quiet, comfortable place.  Products such as, Feliway are used to minimize the anxiety your kitty may experience.  Boxes and warm towels are provided for the comfort of the cat.  We believe that it is important that the stress level be as low as possible prior to and after the surgery.

We regularly perform the following surgeries:

  • Spays and Neuters
  • Bladder surgery (Cystotomy and Perineal Urethrostomy)
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Tumor removal
  • Gastrointestinal surgeries
  • Eye & eyelid surgery
  • Some orthopedics (amputations)
  • Biopsy
  • Skin surgery
  • Cryosurgery
  • Wound repair and abscesses

Prior to surgery, Dr. Marcus will perform an exam and a pre-anesthetic blood panel will be drawn to ensure that your cat can safely undergo anesthesia.


We understand the natural fear of putting your beloved family member under anesthesia.  We minimize risks and feel our protocol and extensive monitoring provides exceptional safety for our patients.  We use one of the safest gas anesthetics on the market.  We initially give a pre-anesthetic injection which relaxes the kitty.  This injection is also reversible should we feel the need to immediately wake the kitty up.  Each patient receives an IV catheter and fluids to maintain blood pressure, body temperature and to administer medications.  An RVT will monitor your pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, body temperature and respiration during the entire procedure using the most up-to-date monitoring equipment.  Our results and safety record speak for themselves.

Surgical Suite

Our hospital features a dedicated surgical suite. Our Surgical suite is used for surgery only. This room is kept as sterile as possible to minimize bacteria and other infectious organisms.  This room is equipped with a surgical table, thermal blankets, anesthesia and extensive monitoring equipment.

Pain Management

We strive to keep your cat pain free.  We utilize a multi-modal approach that includes anti-inflammatories, local anesthetics, narcotic/opiods and general anesthesia to combat any pain your pet may experience.

Should your pet be dealing with a chronic pain situation such as arthritis, we can also discuss with you options and customize a pain management plan to fit your cat’s needs.

Postoperative Care

A surgical nurse will continue to monitor your cat during its recovery and ensure its comfort.  We treat our patients like they are our own family members.


feline radiographs


Radiographs (X-rays) are useful in evaluating a number of areas of your pet's body including musculoskeletal, cardiovascular (pulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems. With the use of digital radiography, our hospital is able to take high-quality, digital x-rays of your cat. Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital radiography unit. Digital radiographs are extremely helpful for diagnosing and monitoring many medical and surgical problems. Compared to traditional machines, the quality of digital radiographs is much better. The advantages of digital radiology are many. The time spent taking your pets' radiographs is significantly shortened and fewer pictures need to be taken to achieve diagnostic-quality results. This means less stress for your pet, making their experience much more pleasant! We are also able to email and/or store on a CD for referral to specialist if needed.  In addition, the harsh chemical once needed to develop traditional radiographs are no longer needed, reducing the potential to harm the environment.


veterinary diagnostic testing


Since your cat cannot tell us what is wrong, we must sometimes supplement physical exams with sophisticated diagnostic testing. Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Clinic is equipped with a complete, modern diagnostic in-house laboratory with results available in only minutes! This gives us the advantage to review, formulate, and implement treatment plans during the same clinic visit. Minimizing the stress of multiple clinic visits. In addition, we work with several outside referral labs should your cat require more specialized testing.

  • ProCyte Dx® Hematology Analyzer will test for a complete blood count (CBC). This is used to evaluate the red and white blood cells and determine the number of each type of cell present. Analysis allows evaluation for anemia, the presence of inflammation, stress, and inability to fight disease, allergies, and infection.

  • Catalyst Dx® Chemistry Analyzer will provide information of organ function and dysfunction. Information such as blood glucose and electrolytes are examples of some.

  • SNAPshotDx® Analyzer can be used for various tests including thyroid levels (T4) which is used to monitor the function of the thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism (high levels of thyroid production) is common in cats. The thyroid hormones affect weight gain/loss, kidney function, and heart muscle. The Snapshot can also be used for viral testing for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

Early blood testing can show evidence of diseases such as diabetes, changes in liver or kidney function, or simply provide a baseline for future reference. Diagnostic testing is also included in pre-anesthetic screenings prior to dental or surgical procedures that require general anesthesia. Annual wellness blood and urine tests, along with other diagnostics, assist our veterinarians in the early detection of diseases and health conditions.

Hospice Care

Hospice Care

We understand how hard it is when that time comes to make decisions regarding the final care of our beloved companions. Our staff is here to help with end of life decisions.

When it is apparent that recovery to a comfortable existence is unlikely, the caretaker must consider all possibilities to relieve suffering.  One option is Palliative or Hospice Care. This involves providing comfort, pain management, proper nutrition, hydration and warmth. Pain, digestive irregularities, respiratory congestion, nausea, and constipation should be addressed by the vet. With us all working together, the final days of your companion’s life can be more comfortable and provide solace to the caretakers.

When medical intervention cannot provide comfort then euthanasia is considered. This decision to euthanize a beloved member of the family is one of the most difficult choices to make. It is never easy and reflects the Love that you show for your cat. It is also one of the final acts of kindness you can bestow to not allow them to suffer but to give them a peaceful release from the dying process.

When that time comes, we are here for you. We provide at home euthanasia as well as here in the clinic. We feel that our process is quiet, painless, compassionate and as easy on the kitty as can be.

We offer several care of remains options.


slipper trim grooming
cat grooming services


Some cats need a little help to maintain their beautiful coat. For others there may be a medical necessity to aid in grooming, problems such as arthritis, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and renal disease. That is why our clinic offers an assortment of grooming options for your cat. Our services include: routine brush/de-matting, nail trims, sanitary clips, lion cuts and baths.

Options Include:

Lion Cut
The cat's fur is trimmed from the shoulders back. Front legs can be left full or with “short uggs” while the rear legs are shaved to the ankle. The tail can either be shaved with a pom-pom left on top or brushed out leaving the fur long. Additionally, slippers (toe hair) are trimmed, and the eyes, ears, and under tail are cleaned. This service can be done alone or combined with the Full Bath or a Dry Bath.

Dry bath with Dermoscent Essential Mousse
A pleasant-smelling foam designed to quickly deodorize, cleanse without rinsing and add moisture to coat and skin. Contains 100% natural active ingredients and an eco-friendly biodegradable foam has a neutral pH.Active ingredients include:

  • Cucurbitine® (pumpkin seed extract), which soothes irritated skin
  • Lipo-amino acids from green apples and saponaria root, which cleanse skin
  • Essential oil of niaouli, which purifies and deodorizes
  • Extract of lichen, which purifies and cleanses
  • EFA Omega 6 and 3 from hemp seed oil, which restores hydrolipidic film

Full Bath & Brush Out
Full bathing is generally not recommended for cats; however, it is sometimes medically necessary. A full bath includes brushing out the undercoat, removing any mats, and the cat is gently bathed with feline friendly shampoo and conditioner. They are then carefully blown dry. Additionally their ears and face are cleaned.

Additional Spa Treatments:

  • Sanitary clips (Bum cut)
  • Belly Clip
  • Nail Trims
  • Slipper trims
  • Soft Paws Application (2 or 4 paws) – must be provided by owner
  • Ear and face Cleaning
  • Anal gland expression

We know your cat is an important member of the family, and we promise to make him or her safe and comfortable while in our care. An important part of our grooming service is to check the condition of your cat’s skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth and we can alert you to symptoms of common medical problems so you can consult with your vet early on.

Some cats do not mind being handled, whereas other cats do not enjoy grooming experiences. In these situations it may be necessary to use a mild reversible sedative on your cat both for the welfare and safety of your cat and our staff. Our veterinarian is always on hand to administer and monitor any sedatives which we would discuss with in advance.

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YP Reviews

Michelle B. | 09/18/2015
I have used Puffurrably Cats for 20 years plus !!! The care was exceptional !!! Very attentive...responsible...kind ...courteous...loving...very fair with the $$ pocket book .... Exceptional Medical knowledge and Treatment !! Thank you P- kitty for all of your Care !!! Boo- kitty ,,,Toby and Chicka love you !!! Michelle - Monterey-- Bend, OR

thatsjustme  | 07/02/2013
I wouldnt take my cat anywhere else!

tgolds7266 | 01/28/2013
Cats and doctoring
Dr. Marcus is a capable and compassionate vet. THE BEST period.

chrissyc | 11/09/2009
LOVE THEM - So does my Cat!
After dealing with another Vetrinary Hospital for months try to figure out what was worng with Elle Vee my beautiful Siamese, I took her to Dr Marcus at Purrfurably Cats. Within minutes she had ElleVee diagnosed and on a course of treatment that healed her. In addition, ElleVee can be a hand full when I take her to the Vet. With Dr Marcus and her staff, she was as calm as could be. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone with a cat should run, not walk, to Dr Marcus and her staff at Purrfurably Cats!
- Chris